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August 19 2011


Hanazawa Kana on Houkago Tea Time's Surprise Performance at TBS Anime Festa

From Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #95 on 2011.08.17

"We came as a surprise guest for Infinite Stratos at the TBS Anime Festa! There were really a lot of people there. Last year I came for Infinite Stratos as well and I thought "Wow it's really been a year already..." ...The only thing that's changed is that Uchiyama's [Kouki] hair has turned brown *laughs*
And also, K-ON performed there as a surprise guest just before we did as well! The whole audience were all like "Waah!". They sung two songs and left. The audience was all burned out after that! *laughs* And I was thinking "Ehhh We have to go up on stage right after them?! I don't want to go up there..." *laughs* But I was watching from the waiting room and they were really amazing! Performing with instruments really is cool isn't it. And singing those difficult songs... I really thought they were so cool!"

I don't think I've heard HanaKana talking about HTT often so I found this quite interesting <3
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June 07 2011

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Hikasa-san & Uchi-kun!!!??!?!?!??!
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January 30 2011

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